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Moving Truck Review: U-Haul vs. Penske

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Moving into a new location, although exciting, can also be a stress-inducing process. There are plans to be made, bills to be switched, and, of course, the matter of getting everything from point A to point B. This upcoming year, renters, homeowners, and students everywhere will move all over the country. In fact, the average American will move 11.7 times in their lifetime. They may be relocating to a new state, across town, or just needing to store some of their belongings in a self storage unit. But, no matter the size or length of the move, the help of a rental truck will help make the job much easier. Up on today’s list of renters’ needs reviews is moving truck companies: Penske vs. U-Haul.

First up, Penske

Driving down the road, you can miss these guys. Penske’s trucks, the taxi cab yellow ones, they’re definitely a good choice for anyone who has a hard time remembering where they parked.

But, as for the more important aspects, Penske has plenty of those to offer as well. Made for both business and household, these trucks are registered in the U.S. and Canada, and are well-known for their excellent customer service. As for the trucks themselves? Penske offers many options, including lift gates. Trucks are kept under a low mile regulation and well-maintained. The company also offers up coupons, cheaper prices when booking via phone, and, according to several customer reviews, isn’t opposed to haggling price rates.


Penske is much more expensive than its competitor (nearly double, depending on the move), and doesn’t offer as many options in truck sizes. They also only have about 2,000 locations nationwide, making it difficult for some customers to make it to a station.


This company is by far the more widely-available truck rental company, making it easier for consumers to rent and drop off. U-Haul also offers smaller size trucks (great for moving items into storage unit), ranging anywhere from 10′ to 26′. And U-Haul is the only rental company that provides cargo and vehicle trailers for rent nationwide.

U-Haul has also branched out into several other aspects of the moving business, including renting storage pods, moving laborers, and even propane refill stations.


This is where it gets ugly. U-Haul, although in theory may sound like the better choice (they have more locations, more rental options, and cost less), may actually be huge gamble. U-Haul trucks are known for breaking down and being outdated; their maintenance methods has caused several lawsuits. Customer service has a real need for improvement. And customers are often hit with hidden fees. For example, if you bring back your truck a few hours late, you could be charged for an entire day, not just the extra hours. Reservations are also a tricky subject, as trucks are not guaranteed, even if they are on hold.

Side-by-side it seems that it’s simply down to each person’s taste. Yes it’s likely you’ll save money with U-Haul, but it also may be a gamble when it comes to maintenance and hidden fees. Have a rental truck story of your own? Let me know!


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