Ideal Storing Conditions Recreated

by Scott Meyers of Self Storage Investing

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For valuable collectors of all kinds, storage – the right type of storage – is key to keeping your items safe. Choosing an environment that is too wet, dry, hot, cold, or virtually any other variable can cause your valuables to sustain serious damage … even when they’re not being exposed to the elements. The tricky part, however, is that the right storage environment for your books may not be the right storage environment for your woodwork, or your movie collection, or your antiques, and so on. Keeping each item in its particular specifications can help increase longevity, and worth. Be sure to look up characteristics before you store to enjoy these and other benefits.

Salt Mines

When it comes to old collectables, salt mines are often a storage space of choice. Old movie posters, equipment, and film reels all find safe homes underground. While these cool, dry conditions are certainly favorable for these antiques, implementing them is also expensive. Very expensive. Storers also have to travel deep into the earth to retrieve or visit their items.

However, these conditions can easily be recreated in a self storage unit. Use dehydration techniques, or rent a climate controlled unit and keep your valuables at a standard temp year round to help reduce damage. Self storage units are also much more affordable, and can be accessed without the need for a hardhat (unless you’re prone to some questionable stacking measures) or an underground elevator.

To help get the most out of your self storage unit, be sure to check in on what types of conditions will best preserve your belongings. By recreating them and keeping measures constant, items can be kept safe (and valuable) for years to come.

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Shop Around and You Could Win With Self Storage

by Scott Meyers of Self Storage Investing

As the idea of self storage continues to grow both in popularity and practice, more and more facilities are popping up across the country, as well as across the globe. Business owners are seeing a need for consumers to store their belongings, and they’re acting by way of providing such a service. They’re building self storage units is all shapes and sizes, as well as with a variety of amenities. Units can be rented with power, air conditioning, and even with fancy décor, bathrooms, and more, to create an almost home-like setting. While not everyone needs a chandelier or even running water in their self storage unit, it’s true that most individuals and families could benefit from a little extra storage space.

With so many available storage companies, however, it’s important to choose the right one. I’ve shared tips for finding the best fit in the past, but today there are even more incentives to sign with different companies. To help tip the competition in their favor, many storage facilitie are offering upcoming and ongoing contests to new clients. In the market for an iPad? You could win one just by signing up with a certain self storage company. Others are offering discounted rents (sometimes even free), cash prizes, or gift cards at local restaurants for a few lucky winners. Their competition is your gain.

Be sure to check in on these contests, many of which are fueled by social media, before signing up for just any new company. While you shouldn’t make your choice solely based on who has the best prizes, it can certainly help tips the scales in either direction, should you be on the fence.

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Wet Weather Tips for Self Storage

By Scott Meyers of Self Storage Investing

Depending on your location, water damage can cause immense damage to your belongings. Even when a storage unit is sealed tight and all pipes are free from drips or leaks, water damage can still be a serious issue. When living in humid, saturated areas, the moisture still seems to find its way in. No matter how hard we try to keep it out, water is one of those nuisances that always seems to create an entrance. So instead of cutting it off at the source, it’s best to implement counteractive methods along the way.

For example, by absorbing humidity or moisture within a unit, you can greatly reduce the chances of belongings becoming musty or damaged by moisture. Many times it can even be done by spending virtually no money; a great trade considering the ample benefits keeping items dry can provide.

Moisture Absorbing Tips

Dehumidifiers: One of the most obvious fixes is to use a dehumidifier. If your unit has power, this may be a good option. However, it can also be dangerous to leave the machine running unattended for long periods of time. If choosing a dehumidifier, visit your unit often or set up a timer that will turn it off and on frequently.

Coal: There are a lot of odors that can come from moisture or water damage. To help stop these odors before they begin, set out a bowl full of coal and let sit. The coal absorbs these odors and leaves your unit virtually smell-free.

Chemicals: Other moisture-absorbing options include anhydrous calcium chloride tablets or granules, which will pull water from the room’s air. Keep them in a small container that won’t rust or discolor from water damage.

Containers: Finally, a specialty-made set up can pull in moisture from the air. While this may cost a little more, it will be mess-free and prevents you from measuring chemicals. These kits can be purchased at a local department or hardware store and will come with specific instructions.

Leaving your storage unit dry and clean is easier than you think. Just follow these simple steps to help keep all your belongings water-damage free.

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Ease Payment Plans for Self Storage

by Scott Meyers of Self Storage Investing

No matter what may be on the receiving end, no one likes paying bills. Whether for play, for activities, or even for delicious meals, no one really wants a check. Even when money is present and you’re receiving the exact same billed dollar amounts month to month, the actual formality of writing a check or swiping your card takes time, is repetitious, and reminds of us just how inefficient our bill-paying ways have become.

Thankfully, in the world of self storage, there’s no need to pay month by month … unless you want to that is. Facilities will be happy to receive payments in advance, allowing you to provide a one-time payment and life worry-free for months, or even years. Oftentimes renters can even work out a deal with their storage landlords, earning a better rate or a percentage off when paying for multiple months at a time. While it may seem expensive up front, in the long run it will help save cash, as well as time spent paying your rent.

Another option is signing up for automatic withdrawal payments. By linking your bank account (discretely, there’s no info exchange), your storage unit rent can be paid on time, and without your having to put forth effort. Each facility should have this paperwork when signing up, and can help you get the groundwork in place. Facilities will also offer discounts for those who utilize this offer, cutting down on overall rental costs.

When it comes to self storage payment plans, there are different methods that can not only make bill paying easier, but can save cash along the way. Be sure to check with your facility about their payment options and any discounts you may have been missing out in.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Self Storage Facility

by Scott Meyers of Self Storage Investing

When picking out a self storage unit – whether this is your first time in the game or you’re just moving to a new location – there are several points of reference to keep in mind. Chances are there are more than one option in your area, and finding the one that best suits your needs upfront can save you from a lot of headaches later on. Before you sign up, do your research and check out each company so there are no surprises later on.

One of the first things to check in on is the Better Business Bureau. If a facility scores low, you’ve saved yourself time and added background checks; you can just pick up and walk away. After all, the BBB is in place for the very reason of evaluating companies and making sure they don’t provide inferior services, why not take advantage? A quick visit to will allow you to enter your zip code and check out any self storage facility you’re considering doing business with. The website also shows when complaints have been filed, so you can see what companies have had issues in the past.

Next, be sure to get a written quote from units you’re considering – at least two is a safe bet. By asking for prices in writing – including rent, available insurance, and any other expenses that are available – you’re ensuring that the price won’t be changed on signing day.

Finally, meet with and talk to the facility’s manager. If any issue takes place or you need to get it touch with the company, they’ll be the person you are talking to. If they are a friendly, helpful person – which you should expect in this line of business – you can gain peace of mind that said problem will be resolved by someone whom you trust.

Before you sign, be sure to use these simple tips to help find the right self storage facility for your needs.


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